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    399 Barrow Street
    Pearl, MS   39208

    For Mail - P. O. Box 5526, Pearl, MS   39288
  • Mass & Reconciliation Schedule


    Saturday - 4:00 p.m. drive-in Mass
    Sunday - 8:00 a.m. drive-in Mass
                 - 11:00 a.m. drive-in *
                 - 1:00 p.m. drive-in (Span.)
    Tuesday - 6:00 p.m. in church*
    Wednesday - 6:00 p.m. in church*
    Thursday - 6:00 p.m. in church*
    Friday - 10:00 a.m. in church*

    Mass attendance is limited due to social distancing guidelines. Parishioners are strongly encouraged to reserve a spot for weekend Masses by going to the following link: https://signup.com/go/vyZbHGK.
    Reservations are not required for daily Masses.
    * - Live streamed on Facebook Life


    - Tuesday afternoons by appointment
    Reconciliation Opportunities during Advent
    Due to the pandemic, we will not have the opportunity to have a large parish-wide Advent reconciliation service, but we are instead offering different opportunities for the sacrament this upcoming Advent season.  After all the Masses, on the four weekends of Advent (Nov 28 - 29, Dec 5-6, Dec 12-13, and Dec 19-20), Father Lincoln will offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation for anyone who wants to come.  Just head over to the parish offices right after mass.  
    Also, after the 4:00 pm Saturday Masses on Dec 12 and Dec 19, we will have adoration in the church and the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the sacristy during that time for as long as needed.  We hope that you all will come to the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the Advent season. 

  • Thanksgiving Day Mass

    Thursday at 10:00 a.m.
    Mass will not be celebrated on Friday. We will return to our regular week day Mass schedule next week.

  • Pandemic Rosary

    Join the ladies in the office as they pray the Rosary each Tuesday at noon in asking for the Blessed Mother's intercession for healing of the sick, protection for caregivers and medical personnel, and a end to the Covid-19 pandemic. The church will remain open on Tuesday afternoons for quiet prayer time.
  • Illuminated Advent Rosary will be livestreamed on the St. Jude Facebook page. 

  • How to Stay Connected

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      • If you do not have a Facebook account, you can access the St. Jude page from the link here on our website.  
    • Flocknote emails and texts -  
      • If you are not getting the weekly bulletin via email or text each Saturday, then you are not in the Flocknotes system.  Please ask a staff member to add or correct email address or cell number.                                  
    • YouTube -
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  • EF Masses Resume

    Extra-ordinary Form Sung Masses are scheduled for the second and fourth Sunday of each month at 5:00 p.m. Fr. Scott Thomas and Fr. Mark Schoffner will celebrate. All are invited!
    - Dec. 13             
    - Dec. 27

  • The Latest Directives from the Diocese 

    The letter below was sent to each parish from Mary Woodward, Chancellor, and Fr. Lincoln Dall, Vicar General. While the letter was sent to parish leaders, the information is pertinant to  ALL parishioners.

    Dear Pastors, LEMs, Associates, Deacons and Parish Leadership:

    The Season of Advent is fast approaching. This beautiful season, rich in complex themes of joyful anticipation, penitence, longing, and hope begins our Church’s liturgical year and gives us an opportunity to examine our consciences in the sure hope of Christ’s coming.

    This past year has been filled with tremendous loss, grief, anxiety, hurt, unrest and fear. Advent gives us an opportunity to focus on the calm and peace that this quiet anticipation tempered with a penitent heart will lead us to Emmanuel – God With Us. 

    The beauty of Advent is found in the holy longing for an encounter with Emmanuel and this can only be achieved by healing broken bridges and broken hearts. This healing comes through our witness as pastors and parish leaders to service and sacrifice on behalf of our people.

    In our Priests’ Council last week, we discussed the current diocesan liturgical directives and protective measures the diocese has in place because of COVID-19. The most up to date version is attached.

    We want to reiterate that all of these directives and measures are still in place and apply to all Masses, Holy Days, weddings, funerals, quinceañeras, in any language in any place. There has been no loosening of these restriction in our churches regardless of local civic ordinances.

    Medical experts have emphasized that the sooner we all take on the responsibility of safeguarding ourselves by wearing masks properly, socially distancing at indoor and outdoor events, avoiding large indoor gatherings, washing hands and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces, we will protect others and help lower transmission. We all must do our part in service to the common good.

    As pastors and parish leaders we have a profound responsibility to lead, guide, nurture and protect our flock. We do not need to let situations occur which place people at risk of contracting a deadly virus. 

    Unfortunately, we have seen examples contrary to the directives on parish Facebook pages with churches packed for weddings and people not wearing masks. We must remain vigilant, especially as numbers continue to rise. If we act responsibly and lead by example our people will follow. We must be witnesses to the fact that this virus is very real and deadly. 

    By our witness we can instill in our parishioners that wearing a mask and social distancing is an act of love and sacrifice. Wearing a mask and social distancing is an act of service. Wearing a mask and social distancing is pro-life. 

    Through our witness, we can soften the disappointment when a long-awaited wedding ceremony must be scaled down to protect friends and loved ones. 

    Through our witness, we can soften the disappointment when this year’s Immaculate Conception, Guadalupe and Christmas celebrations must be minimal and follow the COVID safety established numbers for inside our churches and parish halls. Socially distanced outdoor processions with masks for all involved are permissible.

    Yes, we are all incredibly tired of these restrictions, but we must journey on knowing that each time we sacrifice a little, we are helping protect someone else and that we are not adding stress to our exhausted health-care workers. Imagine how tired they are. We must be in solidarity with them and support them by doing the simple responsible things such as wearing a mask, staying six feet apart, washing our hands and sanitizing our pews. It is the least we can do out of respect for the battle they wage every second of every day. 

    These are not normal times, and we should not try to create a sense of normalcy. Doing so diminishes the great loss so many have suffered.

    Out of respect for the 250,000+ in our country who have died from this virus, out of respect for their devastated families, and out of respect for first responders and health care workers beyond exhaustion, we must sacrifice large weddings and large indoor gatherings. We must serve them and one another in love by wearing masks and social distancing. 

    As we approach Advent, that great season of holy longing and the beginning of a new liturgical year, let us imagine ourselves as the early Christians in the darkness of the catacombs where solace and safety from an evil scourge were sought; having the great faith and hope that one day soon they would be able to freely live as a eucharistic worshipping community in the light.

    That day indeed will come again for us, but until then, let us be loving witnesses of service and sacrifice for our flock to confidently follow in faith.   Thank you for your commitment and dedication. Let us pray for one another in this season of hope and anticipation.

    Updated November 17, 2020

    Bishop Kopacz continues to dispense the faithful from the Sunday Obligation to participate in Mass until further notice. 

    • Protocols you are using for weekday and Sunday Masses also apply to all other liturgies and rites such as Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings, Funerals, Quinceañeras, Guadalupe, Christmas etc.
      • Masks are required to be worn properly by all over the age of two;
      • Social Distancing is required – all must be six feet apart (if they live in same household, they may sit in same pew);
      • Each parish should have a maximum capacity number and should stick to that number. Add a Mass if necessary – do not overcrowd churches!
      • Pews and restrooms must be sanitized after each celebration;
      • Hand sanitizer and masks should be made available to those who don’t have them;
      • Group photos should be socially distanced, and masks should be worn;
      • No receptions should be held after of before the celebration.
      • Rehearsal dinners should not be held on parish property. Clergy should be cautious in attending such events.
    • Social distancing at parish gatherings other than liturgies, such as processions, Knights of Columbus, ladies club, AA groups, adult Bible study group, etc., should follow the same requirements we have in place for liturgies.
      • Outdoor gatherings in lieu of large indoor gatherings are encouraged, especially in locations with smaller parish centers
    • Holy Communion is still to be distributed in the hand only.
    • Choir and Ensemble singing and practices are suspended until further notice.
    • Live-streaming of Mass may continue. 
    • Live-streaming to overflow crowds in parish centers or gyms on parish campuses though not ideal for participation will be allowed during this time.
  • Sunday School Registration


  • Parish School of Religion -Sunday School Smart Restart Plan

    Click the link below for more information:

  • Children's Liturgy of the Word

    First Sunday of Advent- November 29, 2020
    Children's Liturgy of the Word is in a google slide show format.  Click on the link below to access then click on the present button on the top of the screen.  Use the arrow button on the bottom toolbar to click through slides one at a time.  Do not use the "play" button.
    Click on the link 
    below to access:
    First Sunday of Advent

  • Protection of Children

    The Catholic Church has always demonstrated a concern for children. The Diocese of Jackson is committed to ensuring that children served by the church are not at risk of sexual abuse by the Church personnel.
    Diocesan policies and procedures currently in place seek to protect, enhance and, in some cases, restore the trust that our faith calls for between agents of the Church and the children and adolescents entrusted to our care. In accordance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People passed by the U.S. bishops in Dallas, the Diocese of Jackson wishes to encourage any victim of sexual abuse by a member of the Catholic Clergy to come forward and begin the healing process. When an allegation is found to be credible, counseling will be offered, so that the healing process can begin in accord with our present diocesan policy. We encourage any victim to contact Ms. Valerie McClellan, Victims Assistance Coordinator at 601-326-3728.